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Hallo, ich besitze über 25 Jahre handwerkliche Bauerfahrung in Bereich komplett Wohnung Renovierung,Trockenbau,Fugen Abdichtung,Schreiner und Möbelbau.


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Geringer A.
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Complete nightmare. Will never recommend to anyone. Bedroom renovation : 5 sq.m He began on the 20th of May and never finished it. Today is the 3rd of July. He went on promising that ... Weiterlesen I would be finished soon, but every time it didn’t turn out to be the truth. Next is the hole in the floor that he made so we could see our neighbors through it. And he doesn’t have an insurance so we had to pay for that as well and got numerous conflicts with our neighbors. The quality of work leaves much to be desired, all is uneven, tones of material was wasted + mess everywhere including our garage where he was cutting concrete plates(!) and 2 holes in our wall that he made.... yes he agreed to manage them but I would never dare to work with Marius again. I can not upload pictures here, so feel free to contact me and I will be glad to show them to people so may be it will help other people to save their time, money and nerves.