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I offer Teaching Farsi Language and also the translation from English to Persian and Persian to English, teaching from Basic to Advanced . Private teaching in English and Farsi ... Weiterlesen languages are my favorites. Ich biete Übersetzungen aus dem Englischen ins Persische und Persische ins Englische an, Unterricht von Basic bis Advanced.



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Chur Plessur, Graubünden


  • Was unterscheidet dich von deinen Wettbewerbern?

    A highly motivated person like me can help you to improve your knowledge in a short time. I enjoy teaching and translating for the people who are really in need of learning .

  • Was gefällt dir an deiner Arbeit?

    Teaching and Translating are the best professions in the world that all human beings are in special relation with them in their daily lives. Different News that all of us listen or watch via TV are the results of translating of different translators that are not seen on the screen of TV or while listing to the news from Radio.

  • Welche Fragen stellen dir deine Kunden normalerweise und wie beantwortest du sie?

    You can ask any questions regarding translation or methods of my teaching .. I will be happy if I can be helpful for you.

  • Gibt es spezielle Informationen bzgl. deiner Arbeit, die du mitteilen möchtest?

    My Method is related to the learner's cultural level since due to this method I can start the easiest ways to teach.

  • Hast du bestimmte Erfahrungen gemacht, die du gern mitteilen möchtest?

    Most of my experiences are with the European people who would like learning a new language in their daily life.