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Giovanni Alfieri


Each and every client is unique, and as such should be treated: this is my approach in bringing them my view, the way I see their business, combined with expertise and broad experience. ... Weiterlesen "We had never seen our products under this light" Was one of the most satisfactory comments I received in 20 years in this line of work. Creatività Italiana, Précision Suisse, Deutsche Zuverlässigkeit Italian photographer specialized in corporate photography for industries, and architectural images Over 20 years of experience that can contribute to your company profile, marketing advertising and communication. I respect delivery time and budget, take care of clients archives, and comply with all customer policies, especially safety rules Currently living in Basel, active wherever clients needs me: my subjects simply won't move ;) Corporate photography per industrie; fotografia di architetture; still life I also shoot long lasting time lapses projects, by long I mean months on end.


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