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I offer Life Coaching sessions tailor made for my clients' needs. I am an NLP Master Life Coach and work on creating a positive mindset to accelerate personal development Sessions are ... Weiterlesen done online (Skype) or walk and talk around Zurich City Languages EN and DE


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Josanne G.
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Celine is caring, sensitive and empathic - and balances this by being respectful of privacy and personal space. She is both feeling and thinking with values and abilities to reflect ... Weiterlesen and deliberate. She can both understand and challenge people, in a forthright manner, yet respectful of privacy, boundaries and personal space. She is very strong and her belief in her work and mission has given her the courage to go after what she wants. She is extremely skilled and dedicated to her mission and knows her work well, yet can be creative and flexible to hold her clients in a timely appropriate manner, making ethical and sound judgements if need be. Her intuition and insight has served her well in the past when she was able to assess situations correctly and respond in a way which makes her clients trust her implicitly.


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