Rafting and canyoning at the “Tear of Europe”

Veröffentlicht am 7 April 2020 von Verena Arnold
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Many people love to be active outside and explore beautiful landscapes. There are many different types of sports that can be done in the nature – hiking or rafting are just two of them. Furthermore the count of stunning locations that can be visited is even greater. The Tara river is a really special piece of nature. It flows through Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina. As the longest river of Montenegro it has build a enormous canyon during the course of time. Today it is the largest canyon in Europe. This attracts many people who want to see the beautiful landscape. However, it might be a bit boring for some tourists just to stand there and watch the river. Those people have the possibility to explore the Tara river in a more spectacular way – what do you think about rafting? Might be fun! Borko Todorovic ist 38 years old and was born in Sarajevo. He studied economics in Novi Sad and Belgrade. Because of the war, he and his family had to left Sarajevo and he grew up close to the Tara river in East Herzegovina, republic of Srpska. City of Foca (Focha) in East Herzegovina is known about dozen of canyons and rivers. He grew up on rivers, swimming in cold waters and spending summer days on descent on those clear rivers on truck’s inner tires. In that time he didn’t know that name for it is “rafting”.  4 or 5 years after war he bought his first raft boat with his cousin – for them, their friends and good time on rivers. After that people started to talk about it and they began to make tours and prepare traditional food. A few years later they made their first company and started with camp building. Year after year they invested and earned, invested again and earned again. Then they also started with other activities such as jeep safari, canyoning or ATV quads. For more information, visit raftingtara.com.

Borko Todorovic offers rafting


You offer rafting on what you say is the most beautiful river in Europe, the Tara. What makes the river so special?

Tara river is known as “Tear of Europe“, the river is protected by UNESCO about three different things:  because of its pure drinkable water, opulent vegetation and wildlife with a great number of endemic species. Tara takes place at 3-5 on a rafting scale and is among the most attractive rivers on the planet. The Tara canyon is the second deepest in the world, just after the famous colorado river in the USA. But certainly, it is the most beautiful canyon in the world. Beside the canyon, the whole area is with unique nature. In a circle of only 20 km around our Rafting center Drina Tara there are the biggest canyon in Europe, two national parks, dozen of other canyons, highest peaks in BiH and Montenegro, dozens of glacial lakes and one of last primeval Forests in Europe. This area is so wild and pure without heavy industry and really “organic“.  

In addition to rafting, you also have other offers such as canyoning, hiking and other excursions. Can you spot a particular trend in bookings?

Rafting is main thing, but let’s say that almost 80% of our guests choose hiking and jeep safari together with rafting. Some of them are coming for hiking only. We have a lot of guests that are coming for years and every year try something new, cause there is no limits for making ATV quad, jeep or hiking tours in our area. We could make packages with 15 days with different things every day.

He does not only offer rafting, but also hiking tours


What is part of the basic equipment for your adventures?

We provide the best equipment for water sports. For rafting that is helmet and life jacket on first place, and then Neoprene wetsuit, neoprene wetboots, paddle and neoprene jacket. For canyoning we provide the same equipment with few additional things. And for ATV quad tours we provide raincoats. For other activities guests have their own equipment as hiking boots, snickers or so.  

How do your offers differ most from those of other camps?

Most of the camps try to offer similar things, but we are setting standards in this job. We are the biggest adventure or “active vacation“ center in Europe with almost 400 beds in over 110 bungalows. We have a great team and that is the crucial difference. Whatever you read at our website it is not marketing, it is really like that or even better when you come here. We have the best guides for rafting. Most of those about 20 guys have more than 100 days on river every season, that is a real thing and makes a huge difference. We are preparing traditional food for every meal. We have a huge team in our kitchen. All our cooks are women from country side and they are preparing all dishes on really traditional homemade way. In our restaurant you will not find any “half prepared“ food, any industrial or processed food. In our restaurant you can try only traditional way prepared food of fresh ingredients and that is so rare today, almost impossible to find. Our organization is thanks to the team and experience smooth – even in weekends time when we have a big number of guests. We are not so small today, but we still work as family company, with relations between workers and owners as family, with a happy team, and family welcome.

They are setting the standards in rafting tours


A camp with tradition and many activities

Borko Todorovic and his team offer a spectacular possibility to experience the second largest canyon in the world. With 400 beds and 110 bungalows it is the biggest adventure camp in Europe. You have plenty of possibilities to spend your time there – rafting, hiking, canyoning or ATV quads are just some of them. The equipment for the different activities is provided by the team. Every guide is very experienced and counts more than 100 days on the river every season. To make their guest feel comfortable, they offer really special dishes at their restaurant. All meals are prepared with fresh ingredients and by women from country side. Their recipes are all traditional and contain no processed food.

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